MAN NL202 y Tuzla?

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Hi guys,

thank you all for posting interesting pictures in this forum, I have enjoyed watching them.

Let's switch over to my occasion for posting.

The public transportation company of Rostock, Germany sold a MAN NL202 low-floor bus in the year 2004. The trading company who has bought the bus told me that they have sold it again to Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Does anyone know anything about it? The bus was built in the year 1994 - I have attached a picture of it. If there is interest in its chassis number, I can tell.

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Sure I can. ;D

It's WMA A10 1736 B 013114, date of first registration is 17.06.1994.



ovaj je il 1989 il 1990  godiste


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ovaj je il 1989 il 1990  godiste
Ne. Taj autobus je iz 1994. ;)

What do you know about the new owner of this bus? Or do you only know that this bus is now in Tuzla?
If its easier for you I can speak german. Ich spreche deutsch. ;)


Ich hab es nicht gesagt, wir haben den Bus gefunden, er ist in Avis Gračanica, kennzeichen 792-T-185.


Nisam ranije rekao, riješili smo problem, autobus je u firmi Avis iz Gračanica, registracija 792-T-185.


Thank you all for your pleasant help ;-)

I have been to Bosnia last year. The vehicle is still in service at AVIS Gračanica. Service staff and busdriver were very kind, so it was nearly easy to catch the bus :-)
Here is the result. Picture was taken in Miričina.